Ohio Redwood Stud Earrings - Reclaimed from Ohio Stadium Redwood Bleachers

Griffen Hollow Studio

Own a historic piece of Ohio sports history today! 

Show your Ohio Pride with piece of Ohio Stadium. This redwood was reclaimed from the original student bleachers formerly in Ohio Stadium. The redwood served as the bleachers from 1920s-2000 until renovated to make more seats for rabid football fans. Jumpstart the conversation with this reclaimed piece of history today!

Perfect for any lifelong or new fan of the best team in the nation. These stud earrings are sure to perfect your fandom for your favorite Ohio sports team. 

Each earring is 3/8" on a small metal stud with rubber holds. Just like socks it's easy to lose one out of the set, that is why we send three with each order.

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