Acrylic Cutting / Engraving

Acrylic, also known as PMMA, is a type of plastic with a variety of brand name manufacturers, including Plexiglas, Lucite, Acrylite, and Optix. We keep a limited stock in house and can order whatever your project calls for locally. We can cut up to 1/4" acrylic. The thicknesses in inches of acrylic is nominal; the actual thicknesses are in millimeters and vary by + or - 10% within the same sheet.

Acrylic is the cheapest plastic to laser cut. It is attractive (it has a glossy surface), comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors, and the edges of laser-cut acrylic have a "laser-polished" look. Acrylic is somewhat brittle (you have to be careful not to crack if you want to drill holes after laser cutting; it is better to have us laser-cut all screw holes and mounting holes). Acrylic parts will crack or chip (especially at sharp corners) if you drop them on a hard surface. Acrylic usually comes with a paper or plastic masking on both sides.

Acrylic is manufactured in two main ways: via casting or extrusion. Extruded acrylic has a lower melting point than cast acrylic, so extruded acrylic tends to have a shinier, polished finish when cut. We do stock some cast acrylic since cast acrylic is better for engraving (the engraved portions of cast acrylic become a milky-white, sand-blasted version of the original color).

Acrylic comes in a variety of thicknesses. It is available in transparent, translucent, and opaque colors, including neons, fluorescents, and mirrored colors. If we do not stock the thickness or color you need, we can special-order it for you from our suppliers, or you may have it shipped to us from a supplier such as,, or

Two-tone acrylic (with a thin, top layer that is a different color than the core material) is available for parts that require high-contrast engraving such as instrumentation panels, signs, and plaques.

Acrylic is transparent to infrared light (IR), so it is not appropriate for IR-sensing applications. You can glue acrylic together using special acrylic glues such as Weld-On. Please contact your local hardware store and ask for glues used for acrylic or Plexiglas.

Our customers have used our acrylic cutting service for the following:

  • computer case parts
  • computer fan grills
  • craft supply tools (knitting)
  • custom jewelry and charms
  • custom stencils
  • luthier templates and tools
  • instrument inlays
  • instrument-making tools
  • enclosures for electronics
  • custom ornaments
  • trophies
  • custom awards
  • custom gifts
  • custom trinkets
  • custom model railroad parts
  • other scale model parts
  • custom art pieces
  • custom sign lettering and logos

Our customers have used our acrylic engraving service for the following:

  • awards
  • custom gifts
  • trophies
  • part marking
  • custom signs
  • product branding

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