Leather Cutting / Engraving

While leather falls under our textiles category it deserves its own. Our clients have brought us a plethora of projects using all styles of leather. We have cut small coins, coaster and the finest handbags designed in Italy. 

While it is harder to cut the heavier weights of leather it is still achievable. The final product may require a bit of clean up but the payoff is rewarding. This is especially true if you are making many intricate cuts. 

Leather also is great to engrave. Natural tan leather engraves with a rich deep tone. Black leathers typically turn grey or a lighter grey depending on the speed and power we use. As leather is a natural material, the results will vary but generally not significantly. 

Our customers have used our leather cutting service for the following:

  • leather parts
  • belts
  • collars
  • puzzles
  • jewelry
  • menus
  • book binding
  • book covers
  • scrap booking
  • coasters
  • ornaments
  • masks

Our customers have used our leather engraving services for the following:

  • marking tooling paths
  • alternative to tooling
  • branding
  • customizing gifts
  • customizing journals or book covers

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