Crafting Kit - Detailed Train Cars

Griffen Hollow Studio

When I am not at the shop I am home with my twins and constantly finding an artistic outlet. I decided to take the materials we have on hand at the shop from cancelled jobs due to the Covid mitigation and create some entertaining products. These are for all the homies who aren't out bringing extra color to our cities. 

This set of detailed train car cuts (12 pieces - 4 of each design) are made from furniture grade 1/8" thick baltic birch. Requests came in from friends far and wide in the graff scene. These train cars are 8" long and the extra detail brings the yard to your living room. 

Note that these are natural with no finish and not meant for children under 6 years old without supervision. 

Each order is made as orders are placed to reduce the material use and impact on our environment. 

Post photos of your your piece and tag us on Instagram ( @griffenhstudio ) for a chance to win our USA wooden map $500 value!

We thank you in advance for your purchase. Each sale helps us keep the lights on during these interesting times. We suffered massive losses as all of our contracts cancelled during the mitigation of the virus. THANK YOU!!! 

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