Naughty Barn Wood Coaster - Set of 6

Griffen Hollow Studio

The Perfect gift for that friend who ruins all their table tops! This set of six barn wood coasters are sure to get a giggle or make ol' Auntie Bee turn a little red with mixed emotions. 

Our world famous barn wood coasters are made from 100+ year old barn beams sourced right here in Ohio. Our decision to go with end grain barn wood coaster cuts comes from our sustainable eco-friendly practices at Griffen Hollow Studio. You won't find this quality of craftsmanship from any other company and likely their coasters will be too bulky and thick. That makes setting your favorite beverage down a precarious act. At 1/8" thick you won't have to second guess your placement!

Each coaster is roughly 4"x4"x1/8" and made from red oak, white oak and beech hardwoods. Grain will vary as no tree is exactly alike. 

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