Wooden Six Pack Holder

Griffen Hollow Studio

Your beer deserves better than flimsy, hard-to-handle cardboard carriers. Get our durable wood caddy instead, and hit the road ready for anything. It fits six beers—or sodas, if that's your thing, or picnic condiments, or pretty much whatever you feel like. It's even got a bottle opener built into the side, so you can quit trying to pry caps off with odd objects when you realize you left your opener at home and none of your buddies brought one either. Each are made from Baltic Birch Wood.

Easy to understand detailed instructions included. Assemble in five minutes.

"Drink in style with our wooden six pack. Many carry-outs, grocery stores or breweries will let you pick a mix of beers these days. Stop using paper and go eco-friendly with our wooden six pack. Holds standard size beers. Don't forget to grab a bottle opener."

Design Patent Pending

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