Working Out the Kinks

Working Out the Kinks


As 2023 wrapped up I had a doozy of an order for a major solar company that is based in Germany and operating in the states now. It was a great order that took all my time in December and required long hours each day. 

I was able to complete cutting 10,000 pieces with each side engraved. My friend Samson was an amazing help running the laser and assembling each into a 10 piece unit with a 6" ball-chain keychain. 

As well as the 1,000 custom promotional keychain packets we made 300 wooden cheeseburgers. The video is on my Instagram if you want to see it... worth the visit!

Samson is learning the ropes in the shop and applying his skills toward the woodworking projects that are coming in. We are brainstorming new products we would enjoy making and offering to you all. 

As 2024 unfolds we have spent some time in the shop *currently my garage* trying to make the best use of the smaller space. Far cry from the 5,000+ sq feet some of my previous shops were. 

Lots of organization and purging has happened and it is starting to fee like a great space to create in for now. Last year I took possession of a Boss laser cutting system that is 3'x4'. Much larger but slower than my Trotec 300. This is going to be great for cutting furniture patterns as we expand into making outdoor seating and other signage projects. 

This week I am wrapping up an order for 85 awards for RTRX, 26 awards for Hearthland Bank and rounding off the last awards for Bath & Body Works HR. Thankful for these great relationships and looking to building many more. 



Alex "Oak" Traxler


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