Custom Fabrication

I take pride in my line of eco-friendly products and offer the same services of production to your brand. Whether you need custom product packaging, laser cutting/engraving services, woodworking, design and more I am here to fulfill your needs. Here is some information about my services.

For further information not listed please feel free to contact us today. 

Custom Fabrication:

I'd like to be a part of making your vision become reality. I offer a fresh view on custom fabrication. The combined skills and artistry are a pool of solutions from design, CNC operation, woodworking, muralists, product development and on. I  understand business is easier when the answers are under one roof. 

Laser Cutting and Engraving:

Within the first year of founding Griffen Hollow Studio I understood that keeping up with the leading technology would be an vital move for GHS. I currently house a Trotec laser cutting/engraving system.

Many of my competitors require a minimum quantity to consider each job. Griffen Hollow Studio has a structured pricing system so the “little guys” don’t get turned off by the industry. I will work with you to accomplish your vision whether it be a gift or a major product production. Engraving is great for marketable items that range from pint glasses to signage and all that falls in between.

More about our laser's capabilities (click here).

Trotec Speedy 300"
28"x17" envelop (bed size)


I offer standard design services from branding conceptualization, project planning, product renderings and more. 

Other notable services:

Product development, conceptualization, prototyping and execution.

Don’t run from your dream. Where big business fails and let’s your idea slip through the cracks, Griffen Hollow Studio is here to catch you. Bring your idea in and I will set up time to work directly with you or your team to help accomplish your vision.

Think you have the next greatest product idea? Allow me to sit down and work your vision into a reality. At Griffen Hollow Studio I have worked with many projects from the napkin to the retail shelves and brands just budding to the juggernauts like the NFL, Google and many more. 

I will work with you to complete your project whether it be custom product packaging, cutting boards, chests, business signs, tables, stools, parts marking, environmental transformations and more. Provide your own materials or I would be glad to source them for you.

I offer custom product design in addition to production. Whether it be a one-of-a-kind walnut table or two thousand key-chains for a convention, let GHS handle the job for you. I am available for hire by the hour or the project. Contact me today for more information. Contact:



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