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Griffen Hollow Studio was created to break up the insipid projects that flood the world of fabrication. Through the creative process and open dialogue we bring a unique touch to any project. We call it, “Transformational craftsmanship.”

Griffen Hollow Studio was fostered in The Columbus Idea Foundry (2012) and soon after took flight into Columbus. We are happy to call Clintonville (in Columbus, Ohio) “home.”

Some notes to remember about Griffen Hollow Studio:

We are continuously creating new art and developing innovative products.

Our creations are made in America from local resources and each product is hand crafted or hand assembled in Ohio.

You aren’t forced to buy our products, because we will be happy to custom etch on your items, but we are thrilled that many of our customers order our originals.

We will work with you to develop and/or produce your next design, prototype to final product.

When you set out to make your vision a reality you work directly with our founder, Alex Traxler. His lifelong affinity for the arts, kinship with forestry and dedication to quality professional craftsmanship are a perfect fit for your project.

We give back to the environment by up-cycling as many of our project materials as possible, planting trees, and conserving energy in every way we can.

Through up-cycling we provide a unique way to sustain the conversation of eco-friendly within each creation.

We educate communities by sharing tips and ideas about up-cycling and living green on our social media pages and through our client's products.

 Feel free to contact us today at alex@griffenhollowstudio.com

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