The Collection : Historic Redwood Bleachers

As we look back at 100 years of the most iconic stadium in history, I am honored to create tokens you can appreciate as well.

Over the last decade I have produced multiple products from the original bleachers formerly in Ohio Stadium. As my personal collection winds down I wanted to make a product everyone in Ohio sports history fandom can enjoy! Fans to from former players such as Ezekiel Elliot, the NFL Alumni Association, The City of Columbus Sports Commission, Columbus City Council, Experience Columbus Stores have all enjoyed the collection of historic wood.
The bleachers are redwood harvested in the early 1920's and served as the south end bleachers in Ohio Stadium until 2000. I came into possession of the bleachers and aluminum I-beams through a family friend. After being spotlighted on the local media I bought private collections from around central Ohio. 
The conversation is bigger than Griffen Hollow Studio. I am pleased the conversation of eco-friendly and reclamation practices starts here. The following are some of our notable mentions in media:
Previous Redwood Bleacher Collaborations:
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