The Team

Alex Traxler

Favorite Quote: "To be early is to be on time."
Alex started Griffen Hollow Studio after making the leap from the customer service industry. Combining his affinity for woodworking, problem solving and eco-friendly practices Griffen Hollow Studio was born. His ultimate goal is to help the conversation around branding grow through products that carry a purpose and impact over many areas. Alex founded GHS in 2012. 

Zachary Crow

Lead Designer
Current Hobby: Hunting
Zachary was a transplant from Dallas, Texas at a young age. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio he developed a unique style of design that has helped many brands disrupt the way they are perceived. Zachary's early success came from eight years as the Creative Director for A&R Creative Group. Zachary joined the team in 2016.

Rick Villa

Fabrication Specialist
Passion: Listening to Podcasts
Rick's time serving our country has brought a decisive and organized view to production for the the team at GHS. His ability to see a product in pieces to the final product creates a synergy for the rest of the team and keeping to tidy timelines. Rick joined the ranks in 2015.