The Founder

Alex Traxler

Favorite Quote: "To be early is to be on time."
I started Griffen Hollow Studio after making the leap from the customer service industry. Combining my affinity for woodworking, problem solving and eco-friendly practices Griffen Hollow Studio was born. 
My ultimate goal is to help the conversation around branding grow through products that carry a purpose and impact over many areas. I am now known around Columbus City Schools as "Mr. T". During the pandemic I made the jump from GHS to being an educator tasked with helping bring back Career Technical Education to public middle schools. This is now my fulltime gig and only I now work for select customers if I feel the project is a good fit.
I founded GHS in 2012. It is named after my award winning family hardwood tree farm, Griffen Hollow Hardwoods in Lewis County, Kentucky.