The story becomes a legacy

My story is below to show you how I feel about yours. They are important. Without sharing our stories, the brand means little. Just like a proper handshake and looking someone in the eye when they speak, the purpose behind a story means everything.
I started Griffen Hollow Studio to create the space to work for myself. Over the last 12+ years it has become an identity built on relationships, quality craftsmanship and necessity to provide for my growing family. The evolution has included GHS original retail, mass manufacturing, awards for small organizations to major international brands and so much more. Along the way a story is being written about the shop and those priceless conversations mean everything to me. it is a catalyst to spread the wisdom about conservation.
Papaw in his woodshop.
I grew up on my Papaw's award winning hardwood tree farm watching and learning from him while he crafted the most amazing creations. Each piece was intentionally birthed into this world with materials harvested from Griffen Hollow Hardwoods. The client brings the vision and Papaw brings it to reality. 
The tree farm is an important part of this legacy. These days he and his partner, Laurie, spend more time tending to the holler and its trees than anything else. Tree farms are an important and thankless endeavor to conserve our precious quality of air and water. Timber stand improvements require hours of attention in the hills quelling the trees in decline and creating space for the more viable trees to thrive. At Griffen Hollow Hardwoods those trees at the end of their lives are harvested, milled and kiln dried into lumber I use in my shop. In 2021, Traxler Farms DBA Griffen Hollow Hardwoods was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Kentucky Forestry Division as the top tree farm in the state.
Forestry Field days to educate.
When you order from Griffen Hollow Studio you are supporting 4 generations of legacy. More importantly the conversation of conservation grows through each product, event and interaction. 
Through the years I have been approached with designs, asked to design from scratch or simply help craft the seedlings of legacies that are thriving today. I am happy to help you with your vision whether it is a tangible product or a service you wish to offer to others. 
Be well,
Alex "Oak" Traxler

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